For a local business, staying up to date with all the latest versions of citation tools is crucial to out-performing competitors. This is especially relevant to Google My Business, the citations giant. If you haven’t been using Google Posts yet, read on.

What Exactly Are Google Posts?

Google Posts is a new feature on Google My Business (GMB) that allows you to publish your services, events, and products directly to Google Search & Maps. In the simplest of terms, the primary purpose of Google Posts is to effectively focus on sales, offers, events and news. All this information needs to be posted within 100-300 words, on your Google My Business listing. It will show up in the search listing as a promotional option and is one way to stand out from the crowd.

Almost all industries find this tool appealing. It’s easily accessible and the information can be updated very easily. The posts section on your GMB dashboard is extremely user-friendly and guides you through all the steps to understand what the purpose of the post is. This makes it a great addition to the other local citation management tools you use.

Why Use Google Posts?

The one thing to keep in view is that Google removes almost all the posts within seven days of publication. The only exceptions are ones related to upcoming events; these will go off the list after the event date. Google Posts helps keep the content very relevant and fresh for end users. Here we talk about 3 advantages of using Google Posts:

  1. Attract Early Attention

If you act quickly, while Google Posts are still a novelty of sorts, you get an inherent advantage, even if you aren’t very confident about using it or sure about how it will help. However, the sooner you start using these Posts as a medium of interacting with the web, the more advantageous it will be for you. The main benefit of attracting early adopter attention will be noticeable in the initial days of your posts. It helps you form a positive brand perception and places your business above your rivals in the eyes of prospects.

  1. Encourages Authentic Engagement

The design of your posts gives you the opportunity to create friendly, open and relaxed content that is perfect for genuine engagement with existing customers and prospects. However, it’s important that someone from your team knows exactly how Posts works. That’s the only way to get optimum benefit from your effort to use Google Posts.

  1. Improves SEO

The very first question people should consider whenever Google offers any new tool is how it will impact your search engine results. It can be quite challenging to rank on organic listings on Google. This is where using Google Posts helps; it gives your business the chance to create a good impression, attract attention and generate backlinks. While good Google Posts content isn’t a guarantee of a high position on search engines, it’s definitely a value-add to your digital marketing strategy.

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