Learning about how to handle your online reputation management effectively is key to taking control of how your business is portrayed on the internet. It’s very natural for panic to set in when you see something negative about your business online. So how can you control or manage this? And how can you make all these negatives go away?

Most people feel totally out of control when they’re faced with a problem like this. They feel completely helpless about the fact that just about anyone can post negative things about you and affect your brand image. Understanding exactly what online reputation management entails and how it impacts your business, as well as personal life, is the very first step.

Understanding what Online Reputation Management Is

Reputation management is the process of attempting to shape the public’s perception of an organization or individual by influencing any online information that features that entity. There was a time when this was more of a public relations term. However, in the age of the social media and internet, all of it boils down to what shows up on your search engine results. Here are three things to know about reputation management:

  1. Simply Googling Won’t Suffice

A Google search or a vanity search is a smart thing to do because that helps make you aware of a potential problem, if any. The only problem here is that the more often you do this, the more your search results will be compromised and it reduces the effectiveness of this particular action.

Search engines always remember who you are, the links you clicked on and the things you searched for. So if you constantly look up your own name on your own PC or device, the results will be very different from what potential customers see. This is why it’s best to conduct these searches from different computers and browsers.

  1. Name Sharing

There could be other businesses that have the same/similar name as yours. This is why it’s important for you to know who they are and how your business is different from theirs. If a potential customer or client becomes confused, you will have all the information required to inform them about who the other companies are and how you differ from them. It will also help you make better branding choices.

  1. The Social Media Aspect

Most prospective clients and customers conduct some research on the company they are set to do business with and this includes visiting their social media sites. A good reputation management company will make sure that your social media presence is untainted. If they find something negative they will use techniques to fix the problem.

In addition to these things, your credit is also on the line. Many credit scoring organizations used social media results in their processes. Some lending companies also compare loan applications with the media profiles of the applicants.

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