If you are in love with your beloved blog posts like us and truly give a lot of time, effort, and energy into delivering the best and most engaging and informative pieces, then we are sure you have come to the sad realization that over time they end up getting piled up and buried under new content.

This happens to many bloggers who have to deal with their little masterpieces getting covered in dust. This fact has been bothering us for a while, so our team at YourSocialStrategy decided to explore the topic of repurposing and giving new life to old blog content so keep reading as we give you 5 clever ways to repurpose your old blog content.

#1 Use an Old Blog Post as a Script for a New One

Old blog posts allow us to repurpose them in a way that will be fresh, new, and exciting for readers. Old blog posts do not necessarily mean irrelevant information or irrelevant news. Not at all old blog posts are useless and many can serve as blueprints to make sketches of a series of follow-up blog posts. These follow-up posts might elegantly fall back on the information from the original blog posts.

If you want to breathe fresh life into your blog posts, convert them into small convenient social media posts and take out the most interesting points from your posts. This way, you are giving new life to old content and potentially opening up space for many future smaller posts.

#2 Combine Blog Posts Into an eBook

We are sure you know that blog posts tend to pile up over time, so a good rule of thumb is to simply sit down, group your blog posts into coherent topics, and assemble them in an easy-to-read comprehensive eBook.

A good thing about this option is that it gives your blog posts a new light, puts them into a context with one other, and does not make them look like they are completely stand-alone pieces. This is also a chance to harmonize your writing style into one coherent piece.

An eBook brings more seriousness to the matter, it brings an air of professionalism and showcases your skills and will to ensure that your readers truly have all the information they need at the tip of their fingers.

#3 Do Social Blogging

Places like Quora, Reddit, or Medium are ideal places for refashioning your old blog posts and turning them into commentaries or shorter versions of your original thoughts. This method will open up discussions with potential clients and gather the necessary engagement.

While doing this, you are allowing others to comment on your writing, add their thoughts, put your concepts into a new perspective and expand on it giving you a chance for an even more valuable reading experience.

#4 Simply Repost Your Old Blogs

Reposting your old blogs is most certainly the easiest thing to do. You can pick the best and the most evergreen content from a pile of your old blog posts and reshare them across your social media channels.

If you wish to repost your old blog posts, you might also want to think about refashioning them so that they fit the mold of different social media platforms.

You will also require a schedule for reposting relevant information and try to carefully time when you repost your content. Rest assured that many people will likely not even realize that this is older content given that we see millions of articles daily.

Also, remember that there is nothing wrong with bringing things back, as long as it serves a purpose and can help your potential customers – it is more than worth it.

#5 Turn it into a YouTube Video

This option is truly not for the shy ones, but we felt like it would be a good idea to mention that turning blog posts into videos can be a very logical step forward.

Just think about it, many people end up reading an average of 1 million words every day and this does put a mental strain on us and can drain our energy. If you are bringing back a detailed, long blog post, maybe turning it into a video is the best way to go.

The obvious step here is to develop an engaging script for a video that will help you convey all the important information on the YouTube platform, potentially opening up your blog to new engagement from a platform that you might have never even thought about using.

As we mentioned, this requires a bit of work, and some people tend to stay away from making videos but this is becoming an inevitable part of the digital marketing experience so you might as well give it a shot.

Wrapping Up

There you have it; we hope you found our five tips on how to repurpose your old blog posts useful and that you will go back to your previous blog posts and find a new way to refashion them so that they look fresh while conveying the same message and giving useful information to your potential clients.

Repurposing old blog posts is not a sign of laziness, it is a must, and everyone is doing it. Valuable information is something that should be repeated and reminded of, not forgotten. If you’d like to learn more about repurposing your blog post, please contact our team at YourSocialStrategy.com today.

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