Regardless of the industry that you’re a part of, it is crucial to have an online presence if you want to reach wider audiences and make your mark. The first impression that customers get is from your website, and it is essential that every company maintain an online presence. A killer website doesn’t have to be extremely flashy but has to maintain its functionality on all devices, should include well-written content and eye-catching designs. Here are 5 great ingredients for a killer website in 2018:

1. Create a Responsive Site

Creating a responsive site means the website should look identical no matter which device it is being viewed on. For example, the look of the website shouldn’t differ if it’s being viewed from a computer, an iPad or a phone. Customers are likely to get frustrated if certain links, pages or tabs aren’t functioning, this negative experience could ruin the chances of customers visiting your site again.

2. The Speed of Your Website Is Essential

People are extremely impatient when it comes to technology and the way it performs. If a particular site takes time to load, play instant videos or load images etc. visitors will be more apt to leave quickly. Statistics state that if your webpage takes more than 3-4 seconds to load, your bounce rates will be much higher. A good web design is a lot about having the right code and structure.

3. Use Creative & Unique Content

There is a fine line when it comes to the amount of material you add on your webpage. If there’s too much content, visitors may find it overwhelming whereas if there’s too little information your webpage may not rank high enough on Google. However, it is essential to maintain the quality of your website. The style and tone you create should attract new customers. Answering customer queries will also help keep your site active.

4. Web Design Is a Lot about UX & UI

A great site will always have the perfect balance between UI & UX. UI is all about visual design, which is the feel and looks of the site. On the other hand, UX is about the process used to identify what the pain points for users are, and fixing them in order to provide visitors with an outstanding experience.

5. Keep Your Website Updated

Refreshing your website frequently is essential. This will help keep you ahead of competitors and will also keep your site relevant. You can do this by adding photos, videos or posting new content. It keeps your web page active which makes it more visible to customers. Updating a website is crucial for maintaining good SEO rankings.

Since there are many aspects to keep in view while creating a killer website, it’s important to hire the services of web designing professionals that have vast experience in the field. You can contact Your Social Strategy via our online form and we’ll reply as quickly as possible.

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