The holiday season is right around the corner. The holidays offer numerous opportunities for building brand awareness, attracting new customers and increasing sales. Market statistics from the National Retail Foundation state that 20-40% of annual sales for SMBs take place within November and December, each year.

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your online presence makes a mark, educates and encourages customers and guides them in making smart purchase decisions. Here are 5 tips on using digital marketing this holiday season:

1. Set Your Goals

In order to meet all your goals (sales & others), it’s important that you first determine exactly what they are. Is your aim to increase exposure across various channels or to gain more followers on social media this holiday season? Just as you prepare a detailed digital strategy for the rest of year, you also need to create one specifically designed to target holiday shoppers.

2. Start Early

Each year, it seems like holiday promotions are launched earlier and earlier. When it comes to launching digital marketing campaigns, sooner is definitely better than later. You want your consumers to know exactly what you have planned, well in advance. Consumers want to know what new products you’re launching, the offers you have in store and more. When you start advertising early, you may just be able to encourage them to visit your store rather than your competitor’s.

3. Offer Promotions and Discounts

Great promotions and excellent discounts can set your business apart from the competition. Take into account the challenges you customers might encounter this holiday season and design your marketing campaigns accordingly. For example, you could run a limited time offer which goes live just before the holidays or offer free shipping to customers, on all orders etc. Last minute shoppers can take advantage of these offers, which in turn will help you increase sales too.

4. Focus on Mobile

In 2017 and through 2018 there was a significant increase in mobile traffic and this trend is something you need to keep in view while designing digital campaigns during the holidays. Hire the services of digital marketing experts who would be able to craft a detailed marketing strategy that revolves around mobile. Make sure your address and contact details show up prominently on your site and that this information isn’t hidden somewhere in the footer. Post targeted campaigns on social media and send promotions via email. These retargeting activities can be conducted right through December.

5. Use Social media

Being active on various social media channels is one of the easiest ways to keep consumers informed about holiday promotions and deals. In fact, it’s also an excellent medium to interact with customers and spread holiday cheer. In addition to promoting your business, set some posts aside just to wish people and celebrate the holiday spirit. You can also retarget customers via these platforms.

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