Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media channels today and has in excess of 2.2B active users. The one way to gain leverage in the online space is to organize your Facebook Business Page. The experts at Your Social Strategy have outlined 5 ways in which you can do this and use this platform to your advantage:

  1. The right profile picture matters

Your profile image and the cover image are the very first things that potential customers see when they land on your FB page. These pictures need to tell a story to draw the audience in. Ensure that you post exciting images that are in sync with your business’ brand. The picture resolution needs to be very good as this is a reflection of the quality of your business as well.

  1. Post the right content at the opportune moments

On average, video posts gain almost 65% more engagement compared to posts using only text. A video can be fun and is an excellent way to promote your business. Today, there are a number of apps you can use to whip out a creative an interesting video. It’s best to keep the associated text to a minimum and ensure its engaging and concise all at once.

It’s also important that you choose the right time to post your videos. Use the “Insights” section of your FB page to determine when users are most engaged. Since this time can vary from one day to the next, it’s important that you check this information before posting any content. This will significantly increase the chances of your post being viewed by a larger audience.

  1. Use the “Boost” feature to promote your posts for a wider reach

Currently, there are about 45% of Facebook users that don’t routinely “like” pages when they are on the platform. You can use Facebook Ads to reach this audience and tap into this potential. The “boost” feature on published posts is an excellent way to target new audiences or ensure a larger number of existing likers have access to your content.

  1. Engage actively with leads and potential customers

Facebook is a great platform to deal directly with current & potential customers in an engaging and causal manner. Customers can connect with you through messages or by posting their comments /queries directly to your page. Ensuring you respond to them can benefit your business considerably.

Online market research indicates that if you don’t respond to social media 1 out of 3 visitors will eventually switch to your competitors. If you also have an E-commerce business, you can host your online store on your business’ Facebook page! This increases the chances of quick sales.

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