We live in a highly digitalized world, where people are perpetually online. A large percentage of people have social media accounts on various different platforms. This also means that when they are searching for products and services for conducting research on a company, they will look at that business’ social media accounts.

They do this to both judge your authority and gauge exactly how active you are in the online landscape. Whether you like it or not, being active on these platforms and having a large number of followers can help you generate more leads and increase conversions. Here are some tips on how to engage your social media followers:


1. Follow Legitimate Accounts That Are Also Relevant To Your Business

Always keep in mind that people will not just follow you. To build a vast following, you need to be a good follower before anything else. Make an effort to search and follow people that have expertise in your industry, and know or use your product. This is one of the necessary steps to increase your social media following. When you do this, you will realize that a large number of people follow you back.

However, it is necessary to make sure that you have a complete profile and that it also has valuable and relevant posts. Having an online presence on social media platforms is about creating an impact. You would be able to do this by keeping your profile interesting. Be consistent with adding new content. Before any potential follower decides to follow you, they would first and foremost go through your profile.


2. Keep Your News Feed Updated

Make sure that your news feed has relevant and engaging content at all times. There are always specific users who will keep coming back to your profile to check whether you are active on the platform. This makes it vital for you to share new posts with regularity and keep your profile updated.

This is another fundamental aspect of building a strong social media following. However, it is even more essential for you to make sure that the people who follow you are valuable. Make it a point to comment on others’ posts and share them as well. This is a good way of telling people that you aren’t a robot and that you enjoy engaging with your audiences.

It’s also necessary not to just share something that other people have posted. Instead, make an effort to add a remark which indicates why you are sharing a particular post; it is also important that you tag the person whose post it was too. When you build a more substantial following on social media, it forges your position as a subject matter expert who would be able to share their knowledge. This too helps in lead generation and conversions.


3. Post Valuable Content

The kind of media posts that you are sharing will have a significant impact on your online presence. This makes it necessary to focus on the type of posts you are sharing. For example, it is essential to focus on sharing professional posts if you are looking to gain followers for your business. Some of the things you should consider sharing include the latest trends, news, data, and opinions.


4. Post High-Quality Content With Regularity

It isn’t always possible to post high-quality content with regularity. Unfortunately, even if you have a large number of followers on these social media platforms but fall back on posting, it won’t take long for people to forget you. While it is crucial that you remain active and maintain a strong presence, it’s never a good idea to overdo it or become too involved.

There is no thumb rule when it comes to the frequency of adding posts to your social media accounts. However, it is important to be consistent. Over the years, you will notice that there is a distinct link between the frequency at which you post and the number of followers you have on various social media portals.

The other aspect to focus on is the time at which you post content, add updates, views, news, etc. Post only at times when you know that your audience is ready to access and consume that content. This will help increase your following significantly.


5. Stay In Touch With Your Subscribers

If you are sending content to your subscribers via email, it is necessary that you include the media’s primary link in your newsletter. You can also occasionally request your audiences to follow you there as well. This can help increase the number of people that follow you on your social media accounts.

When you offer value to your subscribers via your emails, they will be encouraged to learn more about you. When you add social media links to your emails, it gives them the chance to follow you on these portals quickly.


6) Make Use Of Hashtags

It isn’t uncommon for people to omit using hashtags where they should. However, when you use them on platforms where they are valued, you will end up gaining new followers. Using hashtags is one of the most impactful ways of expanding your reach and targeting a more significant number of potential customers. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to get your brand name out there.


In closing. following all of these steps that we have just discussed will help you increase your social media following. Always stay active on these platforms and engage with your audiences in a positive way. Look to provide them with valuable information, be open to the input and keep the discussion going. When you do this with consistency, you will find that they are more interactive, which can also turn them into loyal customers.

Use these ideas to build your social media presence and increase your following. For any information about our digital marketing services, feel free to contact YourSocialStrategy.com via this online form and we’ll reply within the next business day.

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