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May 2018

Why Your Company Needs Online Reputation Management


Social media review websites and an abundance of choices have made reviewers very vocal about what they like and dislike. If they’re dissatisfied with a product or service, social media or review sites become their outlet. As customers always research a product before making a purchase, negative reviews can have a big impact on businesses, [...]

Why Your Company Needs Online Reputation Management2018-07-25T07:32:52+00:00

How Do You Measure Your PPC Advertising?


If you are considering incorporating a PPC campaign in your digital strategy, it’s crucial to know how successful it is. The good news is that it’s relatively simple to measure your success using a variety of PPC tools. There are a number of metrics that can be utilized; however, you may need some help with [...]

How Do You Measure Your PPC Advertising?2018-07-24T20:36:17+00:00

3 Advantages of Using Google Posts


For a local business, staying up to date with all the latest versions of citation tools is crucial to out-performing competitors. This is especially relevant to Google My Business, the citations giant. If you haven't been using Google Posts yet, read on. What Exactly Are Google Posts? Google Posts is a new feature on Google [...]

3 Advantages of Using Google Posts2018-07-24T19:24:21+00:00

3 Things You Need to Know about Online Reputation Management


Learning about how to handle your online reputation management effectively is key to taking control of how your business is portrayed on the internet. It’s very natural for panic to set in when you see something negative about your business online. So how can you control or manage this? And how can you make all [...]

3 Things You Need to Know about Online Reputation Management2018-07-25T08:09:31+00:00

April 2018

SEO vs. PPC – What are the Differences? 


SEO and PPC are very important strategies in our modern digital marketing world. Almost every marketing campaign includes both of these fields. Expert marketers aim to approach prospective customers from different directions, which is why they use multiple techniques. SEO and PPC are based on search engines but approach prospects from two different directions. At [...]

SEO vs. PPC – What are the Differences? 2018-07-24T20:28:38+00:00

What are the SEO Benefits of Social Media?


Most business owners tend to work on their social media marketing strategies in a vacuum of sorts. They focus largely on brand awareness, the overall number of followers they attract, as well as sales that they directly attribute to their social media campaigns. But, there is another major benefit of developing & maintaining a solid [...]

What are the SEO Benefits of Social Media?2018-07-24T20:25:19+00:00

What is SEO?


SEO is the process of improving a website’s visibility on organic (un-paid) SERPs (search engine result pages). This particular goal is accomplished by building a search engine-friendly website structure, optimized link landscape and internal navigation, and content optimization. Search Engine Optimization is an art and a science, but it is also the discipline of ensuring [...]

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February 2018

5 Ways to Organize your Facebook Business Page


Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media channels today and has in excess of 2.2B active users. The one way to gain leverage in the online space is to organize your Facebook Business Page. The experts at Your Social Strategy have outlined 5 ways in which you can do this and use [...]

5 Ways to Organize your Facebook Business Page2018-07-27T07:58:36+00:00

January 2018

Do I Need SEO for my Business?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated marketing technique that includes many strategies. It takes time to implement and results are only visible after a few months of hard work. But this marketing field has a higher ROI than traditional print or TV ads. Search Engine Optimization also helps improve the overall quality of a [...]

Do I Need SEO for my Business?2018-07-24T19:59:39+00:00

December 2017

What are 5 Things you Need to Know About SEO & Social Media?


Social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are extremely powerful tools that you can incorporate into your online marketing efforts to boost sales and improve your visibility on the web. Most businesses use different social media platforms to promote their products and services and increase sales. Here are 5 things you need to know about [...]

What are 5 Things you Need to Know About SEO & Social Media?2018-07-27T08:00:20+00:00