Think of your favourite brand. Is it Apple? Coca-Cola? Nike? No matter which brand you picked, immediately an image came to mind; a colour, a font, a style.

Branding is the most important thing you can do for your business. On average it takes 5-7 interactions with your brand, whether that be social media, traditional advertising, your website, etc., for people to begin to remember who you are and recognize your brand. With every single interaction, it’s important that your branding is unique to you, but is easily identifiable to an audience.

Beyond that, your brand represents who you are, what you believe in, and how you want to be perceived by your audience. That is why branding is so important to an organization.

Every day, doing business online becomes more competitive, and more challenging. How do you stand out from potentially thousands of similar companies that operate in your space? By establishing your brand and its credibility, you give your customers a valid reason to consider you before turning elsewhere. Research also tells us that people prefer to associate with organizations with a credible, easily identifiable brand than those that don’t have that.

Consider the real estate market, for instance. Using the power of Social Media, you can brand your listings with your name, logo, and a particular colour scheme, so when someone sees a listing shared within their Social Media Network, they will begin to recognize that those listings are coming from you. The important piece of the puzzle is making sure that each post you make has a similar look and a similar feel, so when someone sees it, they will immediately say to themselves “This is Mr Smith’s post!”


Here are some keys to success:

1) Choose your colour scheme – What colours identify with your business? As you can see, here at YourSocialStrategy, we’re big fans of navy blue, lime green, and white. Check out our social media channels and you’ll see we use these colours on everything!

2) Build a logo – Having a logo makes your business feel official. Keep it simple but make it unique to you. Keep in mind, that you want your logo to be instantly recognizable when someone sees it, much like when you thought of your favourite brand at the beginning of this article.

3) Build reusable templates – Create 4-5 similar reusable templates so you’re not reinventing the wheel each time you need to create a new ad or Social Media post. As long as your colours and logos remain consistent the templates will add a bit of spice to the branding recipe.

3) Consistency is key – On every Social Media post, in every traditional advertisement, on your website, and anywhere your brand could be seen, make sure that your colours and your logo are consistent across the board. This is incredibly important in establishing your brand in the minds of potential customers you are exposed to.


So, when considering a digital marketing strategy, it is more important today than ever before to consider how your business is branded.

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