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August 2019

The Perfect Landing Page Designs For Ads


Landing pages are arguably one of the most crucial aspects for generating leads, and yet several companies out there avoid using them entirely. Companies prioritize their homepage, and with good reason. After all, your homepage is the first thing that your visitors notice when they visit your website. The average conversion rate of a homepage [...]

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May 2019

What is Remarketing?


Online advertising is one of the best ways to establish a brand and capture attention. These ads appear on top of the search engine result pages, in the middle of social media timelines, and other such highly visible places. They occupy valuable real estate and are meant to catch audience attention. However, these ads, although [...]

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March 2019

How To Choose The Right Keywords For Your Ads


Keyword research is the foundation of a successful PPC Ad campaign. Since the aim of this digital advertising strategy is to increase clicks and conversions, it’s extremely important to choose the right keywords to bid on. However, it’s also necessary to understand that keyword research involves a certain amount of practice and it is also [...]

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June 2018

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?


All modern businesses need to have a good digital marketing strategy in place to stay ahead of the competition. Many underestimate just how complex and multi-dimensional these strategies can be and limit the potential of their online assets. At Your Social Strategy, we understand the importance of planning and make sure all assets are utilized [...]

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May 2018

Do Startups Need SEO Or PPC?


In order for a startup to be a success in the online space, they need to ensure that they have a well-designed, properly-optimized website that will help attract customers and generate sales quickly. This is something you need to focus on before you start any full-scale digital marketing strategies to attract traffic to your website. [...]

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