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Review Management. People love to comment on negative reviews or posts, which means poor reviews get a lot of visibility. That encourages others to post poor reviews, and point out negative experiences, which can lead to more poor feedback. Reputation management can make these negative reviews less visible by encouraging other customers to post content regarding their positive experiences. If the amount of positive reviews far exceeds negative reviews, your company will have a good reputation.

July 2019

Tips on Responding to Negative Online Reviews


We live in a world where e-commerce is booming, and big and small businesses are jumping into the online sales and services bandwagon. If you want to maintain a competitive edge in the market, you have to be able to take on the challenges that come with it. Just as customers will post positive, four, [...]

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June 2018

Why is Reputation Management Important for my Business?


Modern customers have quick access to all the information they need on a product or service and they don’t shy from using it. They look at online reviews, social media posts, and other avenues of information to ensure they make the right decision. That makes reputation very important and companies must pay attention to theirs. [...]

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What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?


All modern businesses need to have a good digital marketing strategy in place to stay ahead of the competition. Many underestimate just how complex and multi-dimensional these strategies can be and limit the potential of their online assets. At Your Social Strategy, we understand the importance of planning and make sure all assets are utilized [...]

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May 2018

Why Your Company Needs Online Reputation Management


Social media review websites and an abundance of choices have made reviewers very vocal about what they like and dislike. If they’re dissatisfied with a product or service, social media or review sites become their outlet. As customers always research a product before making a purchase, negative reviews can have a big impact on businesses, [...]

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3 Things You Need to Know about Online Reputation Management


Learning about how to handle your online reputation management effectively is key to taking control of how your business is portrayed on the internet. It’s very natural for panic to set in when you see something negative about your business online. So how can you control or manage this? And how can you make all [...]

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October 2016

Customer Testimonials Matter – Take Them into Consideration


The truth is that there are quite a few different things which are going to determine the brand credibility of a certain company. One of the most important things, however, is always going to be the opinion of the actual customer which is usually manifested in the customer reviews. With this in mind, there is [...]

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