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November 2018

Snapchat…for Businesses?


Snapchat is an extremely popular app with users of all ages and from different walks of life. The platform sees in excess of 100 million active users on a daily basis. Snapchat was launched in 2011 and over the years, it has evolved to offer a number of exciting, new features. If you are wondering [...]

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October 2018

Do I Need an Instagram Account For My Business?


Small business owners are always on the lookout for the best ways to advertise and market their business. While many are aware of the benefits of marketing via Facebook and Twitter, not many feel that Instagram will help them as well. Instagram is arguably one of the biggest social networking platforms to create visually stunning [...]

Do I Need an Instagram Account For My Business?2018-10-23T19:18:24+00:00

Social Listening – What It Is and Why It Is So Important


Every company is aware that building a solid social media presence is crucial to improving their visibility in the online space and boosting their brand presence. But today, things aren’t that cut and dry. Consumers are quick to post bad reviews and comments if your products/services don’t meet their expectations. While it’s important to have [...]

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3 Major Reasons to Invest in Social Media for Your Business


Today, social media marketing has become an essential ingredient of any business’ digital marketing strategy. When used in tandem with other online marketing strategies such as email marketing and SEO, it can phenomenally increase your visibility, helping you increase your sales and profitability. However, many business owners aren’t too convinced that social media marketing will [...]

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September 2018

The Facebook Boost Button: How to Use it and Get Results


As a business owner, you spend a considerable amount of time creating and adding posts on Facebook in order to stay in the limelight and reach a wider audience...but organic searches alone don’t cut it any longer and all your efforts may not be giving you the results you expect. This is where the useful [...]

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August 2018

How To Engage Your Followers On Instagram


Instagram is a highly popular social media platform with an active monthly user base of more than a billion people. Many brands, influencers, and professionals have benefited from this platform. For example, the influential cosmetic brand Huda Beauty built a $1 billion business primarily through Instagram. This platform has a lot of potential, but it [...]

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Why Social Media Advertising is so Effective


Maintaining a social media presence is an important part of digital marketing. This is known as SMM (Social Media Marketing). It provides many benefits for a company and also helps you reach out to millions of customers around the world. Advertising via social media makes it easy for customers to learn about a new product [...]

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July 2018

Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page


Facebook has over 2 billion users and if your Facebook page isn’t created with a strategy to get noticed, the chances of your business getting any recognition are pretty slim. Here are a few tips for an engaging Facebook business page that you need to use: Maintain Professionalism for Your Business Profile: Many business owners [...]

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Proven Ways To Get More Likes On Facebook


Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users and most spend several hours browsing through the content available on the site. The social network provides a great opportunity to catch audience attention, make them familiar with your brand, and improve your company’s visibility. At Your Social Strategy, we believe the best way to gain [...]

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June 2018

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?


All modern businesses need to have a good digital marketing strategy in place to stay ahead of the competition. Many underestimate just how complex and multi-dimensional these strategies can be and limit the potential of their online assets. At Your Social Strategy, we understand the importance of planning and make sure all assets are utilized [...]

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