In the previous few years, digital marketing has had to adapt significantly to the rising challenges of the world of marketing and advertising. The fast-paced, globalized marketing environment can make marketing efforts a true headache and it does not help that the world of digital marketing keeps changing and evolving at such a rapid pace that it can get your head spinning.

This is why at YourSocialStrategy, we felt it is important to wrap this year with a blog post that introduces some digital marketing trends for 2022 that are worth keeping an eye out for in the months to come.

Keep reading to find out whether you can use some of these to the advantage of your digital marketing strategy.

Watch out for Meta

Ever since Facebook officially changed its mother company’s name to Meta it started sending shock waves around the world of marketing. This change opens up an entirely new area of marketing that is now being tweaked to the rising interests in the virtual world of Meta.

It is important to keep an eye out for these developments and see whether your products would be a good fit for this exciting future.

Privacy Laws and Regulations are Going to Impact the Way we Advertise

Even before 2021, privacy laws in Europe and now new privacy regulations for Android and iOS updates changed the way we can use data. This also applies to the cookie policy of many websites, and this will also reflect how data is gathered, managed, and stored.

Tightening and evolving privacy regulations will change the way we optimize modern digital marketing. Therefore, it is important to check whether any of these changes may impact your digital marketing game.

Influencers are Here to Stay

Like it or not, influencers are a huge part of the world of digital marketing. While for some they are the main tool to advertise, for other digital marketing strategies they are just a clog in their meticulously crafted marketing machinery.

Regardless of how you use the services of influencers, that industry is here to stay, and it is expected to boom even further in 2022.

Many brands that have never heavily relied on influencers are now tapping into this lucrative industry

LinkedIn Will Continue to Have a Global Impact

It is hard to believe that a platform that is used by people to look for jobs and that many criticized for turning into an online playground for the corporate world ended up becoming such an important tool in digital marketing strategies.

The growth of LinkedIn will continue, and it is projected to continue well into 2022 as LinkedIn keeps getting more users, more engagement, and launching more features than ever.

Word of Mouth Should not be Forgotten

Since the dawn of the age of influencers, we seem to have forgotten that much of the buzz around products and services are created by those who consume or use them. This is why digital marketing specialists should not forget the fact that interaction with customers creates an unstoppable buzz that can spread like wildfire.

Although influencers can be quite effective nothing helps a small business like good word of mouth.

Website Optimization Should be a Priority

We now know that websites are coming back as well and that more users are turning to websites for information about products instead of dealing with downloading countless apps.

Many companies quickly reacted to this realisation and easily adapted their websites to an overwhelmingly mobile user experience.

If you are one of those that did not adapt,  make sure that you do and do not let your potential customers bounce back to your competition just because you did not work on the optimization of your website.

Call it Marketing Minimalism, Less is More

When you think about it, there are so many marketing tools at our disposal that an average marketing specialist can have their head spinning thinking about what would work best.

A good rule of thumb for the future is that less is going to be more. Now that there are so many options to choose from, many digital marketing specialists might fall into the trap of using as many tools as possible.

Instead of overstretching your efforts and capacities, make a clear, focused, and precise digital marketing strategy that will not create confusion amongst your potential customers.

SEO is Becoming Less Relevant

Although SEO has been an invaluable part of every good digital marketing strategy for years, nowadays everyone is doing it and it is becoming rather automatized with all sorts of software that cuts the optimization time significantly.

This is why in the future you might want to consider achieving an amazing user experience rather than spending all of your time researching keywords and dealing with the nuances of SEO.

Wrapping Up

There is an emerging, global shift in mentality amongst consumers of goods and services and it makes sense that those that advertise products and services must follow new trends and keep up with the emerging challenges of the exciting period ahead.

We hope you found these tips and tricks useful and that you will take them as honest advice for tweaking your digital marketing strategy. Trends might come and go, but when they are here it is important to address them and adapt to them.

Whatever the future may bring, one thing will always remain constant in digital marketing: change. If you would like to learn more, contact our team at YourSocialStrategy today.

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