Small business owners are always on the lookout for the best ways to advertise and market their business. While many are aware of the benefits of marketing via Facebook and Twitter, not many feel that Instagram will help them as well.

Instagram is arguably one of the biggest social networking platforms to create visually stunning content for your business. There are over 300 million active users on this site, and many companies use it for branding and other marketing purposes. Let’s take a look at what makes Instagram an ideal platform for marketing your business:

1. Helps You Connect With New Customers

Instagram is one of the most frequently visited sites and generates 120 times higher user engagement per follower than Twitter! It has one of the most active user bases. With so many users, Instagram can prove to be the best platform for your business to grow, while also connecting you with new users.

You can upload pictures of new products and ask for feedback, or send new product or service launch teasers. Listening to user feedback helps and responding appropriately allows you to build stronger relationships with your customers.

2. Helps You Understand What People Like

Your audience may share photos or talk about your brand without you even being aware of it. For example, people enjoy sharing images of different foods they eat at restaurants. This helps to boost sales of that particular restaurant as word spreads about the quality of their food.

In addition, people also upload locations along with the pictures they take. This is another aspect that can help boost sales as a larger number of people will know about your business. Keeping an eye on your post tags and hashtags is always a good idea so you can get a feel for how people are responding to your product or services.

3. Helps You Reach A New Set of Audiences

Using this platform helps people discover new businesses, photos, and people. One of the easiest ways to gain attention is to incorporate hashtags. A link is created that allows you to view all pictures that you and your followers have shared using that same hashtag. #EasyPeasy

4. Helps to Generate Sales

Creating professional pictures to help promote products has never been this easy or affordable. Visual platforms such as Instagram don’t just create engagement but can actually increase sales as well when utilized properly.

5. Fuels Other Marketing Channels

The best thing about Instagram is that content can easily be shared across different channels. You can also enable sharing on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. It means that all photos you post on Instagram can share automatically on other networking sites. In case you don’t want to share pictures on other accounts, you can save them on your mobile device and can access them whenever you want.

As you can see, there are a number of distinct benefits to using Instagram for your business. However, creating the right strategy and posting content with consistency requires time and knowledge of the platform. Hiring the services of digital marketing experts is one way to get it right. If you have any questions about social media marketing or would like to discuss your own social strategy, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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