Do you consider the importance of your online presence (digital footprint) for your funeral home business as much as you do for your bricks and mortar business? Almost all funeral homeowners do not consider that their website is an extension of their business and for many in your community the conduit to open your front door to your business.

What do I mean??? The time of thinking is the internet here for good or not has long been past… There are more people today with a smartphone connected to their internet than home computers. When people look up information they don’t typically turn to their thick Yellow Page book, instead they turn to Google or Bing search engines to do a “search” for what they are looking for.  Your business is no different.

I have monitored so much traffic to funeral home websites that it is just like in reality… When you have a call on, your website traffic increases by 500% over a couple of days and then it goes back to being 15-30 visitors a day…

Did I just say 15-30 people come to your virtual front door every day when you don’t have a call on? What are they there for? Paying respect to a past funeral? Getting information about pre-planning or even worse pricing on funerals? What brought them to your “virtual” front door?

I want you to ask yourself this… If you had 15-30 people show up at your brick and mortar business, what would you think? It would be awesome, you would be there to answer their questions or provide them a chance to see what you have to offer… Why is online any different?

Do this challenge… When you visit your website take a look to see if people that are not there because of a funeral, are they getting their information easily? Are you providing quick access to the questions they have? Don’t be afraid to put some Call To Action buttons in front of them to funnel the visitor to a page that you want them to come too, like pre-arrangements or merchandise.

Lastly, make sure that you have a digital marketing company set up your Google Analytic Goals so that you can track this activity, and be prepared to make frequent changes… We all know that you would change anything in your physical business, so why not an online presence too.

If you have any questions please contact me anytime.