If you are considering incorporating a PPC campaign in your digital strategy, it’s crucial to know how successful it is. The good news is that it’s relatively simple to measure your success using a variety of PPC tools.

There are a number of metrics that can be utilized; however, you may need some help with determining where to begin. Take a look at some metrics you can use to a measure the success of your PPC advertising campaign:

  1. QS (Quality Score)

This is the score Google uses while measuring the relevancy of your keyword in comparison to the ads that you have posted. The different factors that will be considered while measuring the quality score are the quality of the landing page, relevance of the keywords to the search and the click-through rate.

  1. CTR (Click-Through Rate)

When it comes to PPC advertising, this is probably one of the most actively-monitored metrics. IT helps determine what your quality score is. If you have a poor CTR, it’s likely that your PPC ad and keywords require some work.

  1. CR (Conversion Rate)

Conversion is the ultimate goal of your pay per click campaign. That’s why it makes sense to monitor the conversion rate. If you are getting very few conversions from a much higher number of clicks that could indicate your ad is interesting, but that the landing page isn’t up to the mark.

  1. COPC (Cost Per Conversion)

PPC ads may help you land new clients, but you need to find out how much you are spending on gaining those new clients. If the campaign costs far more than what you are able to earn from the new clients, it means your money isn’t well spent. Sometimes, you may have a good amount of earning from this campaign but not much when compared to the other strategies you use. When you keep track of CPC (cost per conversion), you can focus on improving your Pay Per Click campaigns in the future to bring down the cost, increase sales and improve your company’s bottom line.

  1. WS (Wasted Spend)

This particular metric is the opposite of CR. It’s the total amount of money you are wasting because people are clicking on your ad, but not converting. You can minimize wasted spend by creating negative keywords- this prevents your ad from displaying when some irrelevant words are used in search queries.

Start Early

It’s best to start tracking your PPC advertising results when you begin the campaigns and at regular intervals too. This allows you to make improvements and changes along the way, maximizing your chances for success.

PPC when properly implemented in a planned manner and measured regularly can be sustainable and profitable. The one way to build a strong PPC strategy is to hire expert professionals for the job. For the best Pay Per Click services call YourSocialStrategy.com today. You can contact us through our online form and we’ll reply within the next business day.