Each year, businesses end up spending billions of dollars on their marketing and advertising efforts. A lot of this budget is channeled towards social media advertising on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The projection is that in 2019, social media spend is slated to touch $11.52 billion in Canada alone. Social media becomes the ideal place to advertise for most businesses.

These avenues give advertisers total control over which audiences they’ll target. This makes it very easy for them to ensure that they get qualified audiences that are more likely to convert. While you do have good control, you also need to give some thought to how to go about this strategy to get the most bang for your buck. Here we discuss some techniques that will help you reach your target audience on social media:

1. Create The Right Audience Personas

These are a very important tool to assimilate information about the demographics you will be targeting. If your company already has audience personas ready, ensure you choose ones that align perfectly with your campaign goals. Using these existing persons will save you energy and time while providing a better outcome.

When creating personas, include demographic details such as gender and age, communication preferences, the types of devices they generally use and their personal interests etc. This detailed approach will help make your targeting methods more precise once you start to identify targeting options on various social media platforms.

2. Determine Which Social Media Networks Are Best To Reach Your Target Audiences

While your ad campaigns are all centered on a specific goal, you would still need to craft specific strategies for each platform. For example, the mindset of a user on Instagram will be very different from that of someone using LinkedIn. It can be advantageous to keep these differences in view while targeting audiences.

You can target based on network characteristics, deeper data, the devices being used and upcoming events. Place your ads in front of people you know will convert as this will provide a good ROI.

3. Focus on Influencer Marketing

It’s important that you have a sound and well-planned influencer strategy in place. These influencers are essentially experts in your specific field or people that use your services or products. They have a very impressive following on social media and you can use this reach to your advantage in your marketing efforts.

Roping them in to propagate your products and services is a great way to reach qualified audiences that you haven’t been able to reach till date. But you need to go about your influencer strategy in a methodical manner; here are the steps to take:

  • Define Your Goal- Determine what a robust and successful campaign looks like to you. Think about what you expect from these influencers. Do you want their involvement in reaching a larger audience, driving more sales or to increase brand awareness? Regardless of what your goal is, ensure that you define it well. This will provide a solid foundation for all other aspects of your strategy.
  • Define Performance Metrics- When you plan and implement any digital marketing strategy, you still need to keep track of it in order to ensure that you are reaching all your goals. This is why it becomes important for you to define which metrics are relevant while measuring your strategy’s performance. For example, your reach, the total number of social media impressions, click-through, and more.

You can also consider setting up an analytics dashboard on Instagram. This will help you measure exactly how much brand awareness the influencers have been able to raise. Having this information handy will give you a better idea about the things that are working and ones that aren’t. You can tweak your campaign accordingly in order to achieve the desired results.

4. Build-Off Of Existing Audiences to Help You Maximize ROI

Once you achieve some success with the audiences that you have already created, use the data generated from previous campaigns to create lookalike audiences. This is a remarketing technique that brings in great results. It will help you drive consumers down the marketing funnel more effectively.

Social media marketing provides excellent return on investment. But you need to go about it in a methodical and planned manner. While implementation is important, it’s also vital to conduct analysis and tweak your campaigns accordingly. The best way to ensure you have a solid and effective social media ad campaign that helps you reach your target audiences is to hire the services of professionals like us for the job.

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