Let’s face it, creating fresh, new, quality content for a blog or website constantly can become really difficult. It’s something that plagues content managers frequently and can be a major cause of frustration. However, stale content will bore readers and they might not visit your website again, which is something no business owner wants to happen.

Content on a web page not only affects marketing but also impacts the image of the brand. The success of a company’s website depends directly on the content that will keep readers engaged. Here are a few pointers to keep your content fresh and your readers coming back for more:


1. Uploading Weekly Articles

A column is written every week can become a reader’s favorite, especially if it’s interesting or funny and provides value. Uploading weekly articles written by members of your staff can make the process of producing fresh content pretty easy.

Writing posts requested by readers, staff members or management will keep the flow of unique content constant.


2. Take Advantage Of The Holiday Season

Adding the holiday perspective into articles can spice up the topic even though it might have been covered previously. The New Year is a holiday that many take advantage of when it comes around. Whether it is about forwarding your brand or keeping up with the different resolutions that marketers make. Good content is pretty easy to create which makes holiday posts in general very popular among readers.


3. Scope Out Your Competition

Each and every company has different views on how to approach work or their opinions about something in their industry. Taking a look at your competitors and checking out what their content looks like, can help you generate new and fresh ideas. Completely covering each and every topic they do, isn’t the best method, but getting pointers for new articles to publish can inspire you to write your own unique branded content.

For example, in the SEO space, every business and individual answers the exact same question differently. Let’s say your competitors write a piece on “What Can a Great SEO Agency Do for You?” the topic you write on can be similar, however, the content you create can be different in the manner in which it is positioned, and penned.


4. Bring Up Topics That Will Generate Debates

Every industry has different topics that people in the comment sections or on social media can debate over whenever the article is published. Although the topic may not be serious, but one that people find interesting, publishing it can be a great idea as interest leads to engagement.

For example, a business in the entertainment industry will definitely benefit from creating & publishing content based on their field. An article based on which movie or TV show is going to be released on Netflix or Hulu is pretty easy to do. The rest is just simple copying, pasting, and a conclusion. This fills the content void and can be done on a monthly basis. For many people, knowing what’s coming out on Netflix is pretty important, and publishing monthly articles based on this will keep readers informed.


5. Ask the Readers What Topics They Would Like To See Covered

Having your readers come up with ideas on what the next article would be based on will help build reader and customer loyalty. This technique not only saves company time but also provides readers with the topics that they would prefer reading about, keeping both parties happy.

If this format is followed consistently, audience engagement will increase dramatically as most of the topics will be on what your readers prefer. Opening contributor positions for readers is something to consider, if you are in a bind about what blogs to publish. This process should be done carefully and slowly. Many people think that they have a good writing style, however, it is often not the case.


Creating fresh content doesn’t need to be difficult. Creating content that people will read on a consistent basis is. Getting input from readers or staff members and encouraging them to come up with new content is a great idea in such situations.

Keeping your content new and fresh helps boost customer/reader loyalty, and SEO scores, and sets your company apart from the competition too. At the end of the day, your website’s success is based on your ability to generate high-quality and engaging content that your readers will keep coming back for.

Do you have any methods you use to create fresh content for your blog or website? Let us know in the comments!

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