Review Management

What your clients have to say matters!

Review Management

Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what other people say it is. In fact, 92% of consumers read online reviews about local businesses before even engaging with them!

With today’s consumer, online reviews are playing a critical role in consumers making purchasing decisions. Consumers want to read what other people’s experiences have been with your company and/or product.

There are over 200+ websites that allow a consumer the opportunity to review your business… Wouldn’t you love to be tracking those websites to see what people are saying

Why Review Management?

Review management gives you the opportunity to show what your customer’s think are the high points of your business. Consumers use reviews to influence how they purchase and showing just what your past customers have to say is important in this process. Managing your reviews with a busy business can be quite difficult. We can help you manage your reviews and highlight the great things about your work! Plus we can take care of those negative review for you; talking to the customer and providing great responses to give you feedback!

Google Reviews Page Example

The biggest struggle for businesses is asking for a review to be left for their business on Google or Facebook. Our program will help automate that request, with custom follow up times that ensures that you receive great 5 star reviews from your customers. For every campaign that you conduct, you will see a 20% response to leaving you a positive review.

Are you worried about a negative review?

Our program asks the person if they would provide a positive or negative review. If they choose to leave a positive review then they will be directed to leave a 5-star review for your business, however, if they say they would like to leave a negative review, they are taken to an email form that they can complete and the form will be emailed to you to respond too. So no negative reviews will be posted live. 

Is your business ready to receive more 5-star reviews?

Find Out More!

Here are some great resources to help you begin to make Review Management work for your business. Start seeing success today with these helpful tips!

Why is Reputation Management Important for my Business?

Modern customers have quick access to all the information they need on a product or service and they don’t shy from using it. They look at online reviews, social media posts, and other avenues of information to ensure they make the right decision. That makes reputation very important and companies must pay attention to theirs. A good reputation management plan will help you keep track of your reputation and ensure it is in a good state.

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Tips on Responding to Negative Online Reviews

We live in a world where e-commerce is booming, and big and small businesses are jumping into the online sales and services bandwagon. If you want to maintain a competitive edge in the market, you have to be able to take on the challenges that come with it. Just as customers will post positive, four, and five-star reviews for your products or services, there will be times when they post negative online reviews.

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5 Reasons You Need An Online Reputation Management Strategy

It takes a considerable amount of effort, time and dedication to set up and grow your business. Unfortunately, in the digital world, it doesn’t take very long for a few negative reviews and comments online to wound the image that you have so painstakingly created over the years.


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