Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users and most spend several hours browsing through the content available on the site. The social network provides a great opportunity to catch audience attention, make them familiar with your brand, and improve your company’s visibility. At Your Social Strategy, we believe the best way to gain visibility on Facebook is through reactions, such as “likes”. Here are some proven ways to get these likes:

1. Make Your Facebook Page Attractive and Informative

Facebook doesn’t offer a lot of customization or flexibility when it comes to profile pages so you need to rely on content to make it interesting and “likable”. Make sure your profile page has a great introduction to your business. Provide as much information as you can, and establish a good brand presence with appropriate logo and header pictures. Once this is accomplished, fill the profile page with searchable content. Facebook content is indexed in search engines so even a Google search will lead more audience to your article. Choose good topics, incorporate well-researched keywords, and make sure all the information is current.

2. Understand Timing

Most seasoned social media users won’t scan their entire timeline every day. They will check in on their connections and only open content if it is present on top of their timeline when they log in. That’s why timing is important. Most users check their social media in the morning around breakfast time and then in the evening after work. Conduct some research to understand when your demographic will be active so you know when you publish. If you nail the timing, the content is more likely to get likes.

3. Include Like Boxes

You can bring more visibility to your Facebook profile by promoting it on other company platforms. Include like boxes or links to your Facebook content in your blogs, guest posts, website, and other social media profiles. This will bring a larger audience to your Facebook profile, improve your visibility, and ensure the content gets more likes.

4. Ask Existing Connections to Like The Page

If you have established connections on Facebook, ask them to like your business page. Most people have separate company and personal Facebook profiles and cultivate connections on the latter. Asking these personal connections to like your new business profile is the quickest way to get some traction. You can also invite your email connections to like your page. If you have a dedicated customer email database, use that to connect with your target audience and bring attention to the Facebook profile.

5. Create Noteworthy Content

There are millions of things vying for your target audience’s attention online. You are competing not only against rival companies but also wholesome cat and baby videos. It’s important to create content that will attract Facebook users and interest them enough to like or comment on it. Find a popular topic and offer a fresh perspective on it to get the best results.

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