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Do you want to attract new prospective customers to your business? There is no greater tool than that of your website. Ultimately it will be your least expensive marketing strategy… Design your website with your consumers in mind… Make the content easy to follow and ultimately lead them to your end goal, whether that is a phone call or form submission.

At we start with a constructive strategy session to determine your ultimate objective with your website and online presence. Then we map out how we want consumers to achieve this end result.

With over 20+ years in the Website space, let our experts help guide your business to online success.

When looking to build a website, we decided on using because it was an easy to use, fully adaptable solution that can be hosted on our own servers. With the hundreds of thousands of plug-ins that have been developed, it makes for an expandable website solution that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Funeral Home Website Providers



Consolidated Funeral Services

Consolidated Funeral Service (CFS) provides FREE websites to the Funeral Home marketplace. Their websites are custom created, but usually started off a template that they provide. All modifications and changes are completed at no-charge including transferring your website from an existing hosting provider.

Felix & Peter, the owners, are amazing people to work with, and truly listen to their customers. They are located outside of Boston, Ma.

The CFS website platform does allow for to easily modify and manage all of the SEO aspects that we need to change to make your website optimized for SEO. If there are any changes we can’t make, they are readily available to help us.

Check out Consolidated Funeral Service, and please feel free to call Felix if you have any questions.


Frontrunner Professional Inc

FrontRunner Professional Inc. was started by Kevin Montroy and Mike Hepburn in the lates 1990’s. While we started by building a website for our family-owned funeral home, it quickly materialized into a contending website for any funeral home. FrontRunner offers a self-administrable website that features the Book of Memories obituary program that allows families and friends to share condolences, pictures and make a donation of their choosing.

FrontRunner has strategically partnered with many funeral related companies in hopes of creating a single entry system that will share data between each company.

FrontRunner has also created their own Funeral Home Management Software called Pulse.



FuneralOne, a company that has offered funeral home websites for many years. Once viewed as the industry leader when it comes to their technology have now been passed by many other companies in the same space.

We have worked with a number of FuneralOne customers and their SEO.



FuneralTech, which started in 2013, by Mike Hepburn, Jon Clare and Murray Macchio. The company was called Twin Tiers Technologies owned by David Carpenter and went a change of name to bring clarity to the companies vision and strategic goals of being a complete software solution for Funeral Homes.

FuneralTech offers a self-administrable website solution that is completely integrated with its MiMS Funeral Home Managment Software, or their new online version that was released in 2016.

FuneralTech also owns Eturnal Memories, a 3D Printing Company for Cremation Urns. They can also create unique 3D Crystal Blocks that have a photo-etched inside.

Feel free to check out FuneralTech and everything that they have to offer their customers.