Blogs are probably the first thing that small business owners learn about when researching SEO concepts. “Should I add a blog to my website” is one of the most common questions that we get.

It’s a proven fact that blogs can boost your SEO rankings. However, it is important to understand how they work, what exactly they do, and why they help. It is also important to recognize when a blog wouldn’t help.


What is a Blog?

In simple words, a blog is a collection of articles that show up on a company’s website in reverse chronological order; the newer posts show up at the top. They provide relevant information to visitors and help keep them on your site for longer. But it’s important for you to know that they will not magically score you points from Google.

You can pretty much set up your own blog by publishing articles as basic HTML pages on your website and then publishing another page with all the links to the articles. That’s all a blog really is.


Why Do People Say That Blogging Helps SEO?

SEO is complicated and two things end up happening because of it. Companies that offer SEO services simply state that “blogs help SEO”. They do this because it is much easier than explaining why they help SEO, or that some blogging platforms can also have a negative impact on your SEO; or even that the exact same task can be accomplished on Dreamweaver or hundreds of other publishing platforms.

Companies that decide to include blogging into their marketing mix notice a steady rise in traffic to their site. Because SEO is an involved subject to explain, it is much easier to just say that blogging helps SEO. But there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes and just saying that blogging helps SEO doesn’t cut it.


Will Blogs Help With SEO Or Not?

Remember that a blog is nothing more than a collection of articles. At the end of the day, it’s not just the blog that will help with Search Engine Optimization. What really helps you are all the secondary things that a blog does without you even knowing it.

A well-designed blog facilitates SEO practices by accomplishing a number of things. Publish articles with regularity if you have a blog set up for your website. Add keyword-rich information to these blogs. It gives Google more content to index. Your website will show up for more searches when you add content with regularity. This casts a wider net which attracts new customers.


How Using WordPress For Blogging Helps

WordPress is common blogging software that many bloggers use. It does a lot of things behind the scenes if it is set up properly. But if you hire a novice designer or developer for the job, that won’t really help you get the traction you need.

Keep in mind that even if you have a WordPress theme that’s setup up perfectly it may not be of much help if you don’t follow certain best practices. WordPress is an open-source platform, that’s easy to use which makes it much easier to follow some SEO best practices. Here are a few tasks that WordPress can simplify:

  • Linking to other pages on your site directly
  • Adjusting Meta tags
  • Including keywords, descriptions or titles
  • Proper formatting of heading tags, bold & italicized text
  • Linking the blog posts using categories, tags, and archives
  • URLs that are SEO-friendly
  • WordPress also has a list of plugins that give you the flexibility to get creative and create an impactful blog

Go About Blogging The Right Way

Now you know that just adding a blog to your site will not necessarily get you more business. However, if the process is carried out properly, blogging will definitely boost your online presence significantly because:

  • Your company will show up in a larger number of searches.
  • You will be looked upon as an authority in your particular industry because of the greater number of views.
  • If you make it a point to respond to comments and place share buttons at the bottom of the blogs, it will help you build a strong online community and create a buzz around your brand.

Hire Blogging Experts

Blogging needs to work in tandem with various other online marketing efforts that you use. Make sure you have someone to write and upload blogs for you on a regular basis if you are unable to do this yourself.

Posting blogs with regularity and keeping the content fresh and engaging with relevant and interesting topics will increase your readership. Obviously, blogging isn’t the answer to all your SEO troubles. But when handled in the right manner, it can significantly improve your visibility in the online space and your bottom line.

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