Making a great first impression on customers online is extremely important for every business! Visitors won’t be inclined to return to a site that has failed to create an impact and catch their attention. Think about it, if you visit a site that is lacking in engaging content and eye-catching imagery how likely would you be to visit a second time?


How to Create a Great Impression Online

Following these simple steps will help ensure that customers are impressed and feel more inclined to do business with you:


1. Proper Planning

It is crucial to have a clear idea of who your audience is and what you want to state. This will help you develop a solid plan. Every successful brand follows these steps to make the impact they want. Conduct some research on the market and target audiences, follow sharing patterns as well as online discussions before you consider approaching them. Once you have a good understanding of audience behavior, craft an effective brand message that will allow you to communicate in a consistent manner with them.


2. Choose the Right Theme

Another important aspect is to understand your audience and what motivates them. Using the right theme and color for your website helps customers perceive your brand in the manner you want them to. Spend time selecting the right font, print material, and colors for your brand. This will have a positive impact on your audience.


3. Use Social Media Platforms

Posting information on various social media platforms keeps your audiences updated. The content you post will spread which in turn will help increase traffic. Constantly posting new information either through blogs, interviews or webinars will get your brand name out there.


4. Be In-Sync with Your Customers

As mentioned earlier, when you are following online discussions on social media pay attention to the language being used in your blog comments. Follow client conversation patterns when replying to e-mails. Pay attention to the phrases and terms your audiences are using while expressing their challenges and frustrations.


5. Focus on Your Best Attributes

During the marketing process, it is necessary for you to pay more attention to big upcoming offers, free giveaways, and promotions that you might be launching. Visual appeal is what matters the most in such instances, whether it’s online or in a print format. Three things that have to be taken into consideration while doing this- the placement, color, and size.


6. Make Your Mark

Successful brands have ways to make customers talk about their products or services. Creating a lasting impact on customers is crucial, and having open conversations help create that impact.

When customers see that your brand emanates a very confident look, you know that you have achieved your goal. The visual aspect makes it easier for audiences to recognize you. This brand impact goes a long way in helping you grow your business in a consistent and steady manner.


There are so many aspects to keep in view while making a great first impression online, which is why it’s often referred to enlist help from an online marketing company that does this day in and day out. Contact Your Social Strategy through our online form or give us a call at 888-356-0380 to talk about your very own social strategy!

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