Every company is aware that building a solid social media presence is crucial to improving their visibility in the online space and boosting their brand presence. But today, things aren’t that cut and dry. Consumers are quick to post bad reviews and comments if your products/services don’t meet their expectations.

While it’s important to have an online presence, you don’t want it to be marred by too many negative social media mentions. Since you have very little control on what people post online, it can sometimes become very difficult to fix your reputation if it has become impacted by these negative mentions. This makes it crucial that you constantly track your business’ social media channels and be on the lookout for signs of trouble. This is exactly where Social Listening comes in.

Social Listening- What Is It?

Social Listening is essentially the monitoring of your business’ social media channels for direct mentions of your brand and customer feedback. It can also involve monitoring discussions related t

o competitors/industries, topics or keywords. This would be followed by in-depth analysis in order to gain insights into those opportunities and act upon them.

Social Listening shouldn’t be confused with social monitoring. The latter involves keeping track of all social media conversations and mentions. But if there is no analysis and response, you, as a brand wouldn’t be able to meet customer expectations. Thus, social listening looks for the root cause behind a social conversation and then incorporates these into strategies for the long-term.

It helps you craft the type of content that your audiences want. You can also use it to improve customer experience and come up with various new ideas based on the trends you have seen.

Social Listening- What Makes it So Important?

Let’s take a more detailed look at what makes Social Listening so important:

1. Helps Establish Your Credibility

When customers post something about a brand on social media, they want to feel heard. When you are consistently responsive on social media, it makes an impact on how customers perceive your business and brand. But you need to ensure that your responses solve problems, answer queries and provide value to your customers.

2. Track Brand Growth

You can use Social Listening to conduct analysis on what your brand standing in the market is. It will help you ascertain whether negative reviews or comments have had a negative impact on your image and you can take steps to fix it.

3. Discover New Opportunities

When people provide any feedback, you can use that information to determine what you are doing wrong and take steps to innovate and make necessary changes in the way you function. This can significantly help improve customer satisfaction.

Aside from this, Social Listening can also be used to reach a larger number of prospects and increase conversions. If you want to discuss your own Social Media Marketing Strategy call us at YourSocialStrategy.com today! You can contact us through our online form anytime, or give us a shout at 888-356-0380.

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