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June 2019

Image SEO: How To Optimize Your Images For Search Engines


Image optimization is a critical step that has to be included under the SEO umbrella. An extensive & complete SEO campaign includes strategic planning for implementing images that can resonate with users while keeping it relevant to your content. Major companies like Google recognize the importance of implementing imagery & share a few information image [...]

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February 2019

3 On-Page Ranking Factors


On-page SEO is the technique used to optimize every page on your website in order to gain a higher ranking on the SERPs. On-Page SEO involves technical aspects as well as the content on your website. The ultimate goal of using it is to ensure that you’re speaking the language that search engines understand. Web [...]

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December 2018

A Year In Review: SEO Stats for 2018


While some people believe that Search Engine Optimization is on the way out, the fact is that it’s very much alive and kicking...and very much a necessity for your business. If you are one of the naysayers, here are some up-to-date stats to prove that SEO is anything but down and out: 93% of online [...]

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October 2018

3 Black Hat Techniques to Avoid With Your SEO


When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) it’s hard to keep up with the latest changes in algorithm information. These changes may seem difficult to understand for the novice marketer or business owner but if you do everything naturally, you won’t have a problem. If you start to get inpatient with your SEO progress, you [...]

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September 2018

Basic Tips For Blog SEO


Most business owners now recognize the importance of having a well-designed and well-maintained website. But not many believe that a blog can help improve their visibility in the online space, which can give them an edge over the competition. While they do set up a blog, not many take advantage of the massive marketing potential [...]

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August 2018

SEO Is a Marathon – Not a Sprint


We live in a fast-paced world where everyone wants to race ahead. Customers want quick deliveries, clients want prompt services, and business owners want marketing campaigns to succeed quickly. But sometimes rushing through things can do more harm than good, especially if a task requires a certain amount of time and patience. One such task [...]

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June 2018

SEO Terminology Explained


To those who are new to the world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, there are a number of concepts and terms which can sound almost alien to them. However, every online marketer knows that SEO is a very crucial aspect to their digital marketing strategy. While, it does take longer than many of the [...]

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Do Startups Need Search Engine Optimization?


There are a lot of rumors about SEO circulating around the market and many might lead you to believe that this strategy is no longer as effective as it used to be. At Your Social Strategy, we have seen that SEO is still relevant and delivers good ROI. The search engine landscape has changed considerably [...]

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April 2018

SEO vs. PPC – What are the Differences? 


SEO and PPC are very important strategies in our modern digital marketing world. Almost every marketing campaign includes both of these fields. Expert marketers aim to approach prospective customers from different directions, which is why they use multiple techniques. SEO and PPC are based on search engines but approach prospects from two different directions. At [...]

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What are the SEO Benefits of Social Media?


Most business owners tend to work on their social media marketing strategies in a vacuum of sorts. They focus largely on brand awareness, the overall number of followers they attract, as well as sales that they directly attribute to their social media campaigns. But, there is another major benefit of developing & maintaining a solid [...]

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