As a business owner, you spend a considerable amount of time creating and adding posts on Facebook in order to stay in the limelight and reach a wider audience…but organic searches alone don’t cut it any longer and all your efforts may not be giving you the results you expect. This is where the useful Facebook Boost feature comes into the picture.

If you have a business page, this feature will be available to you and when you boost any post, it helps ensure that a larger number of people see that content. Here we take at how to use the Facebook Boost Post button and get results.

Why Boost a Facebook Post?

  • The platform has officially stated that organic searches for business are on the downtrend which means fewer people are now able to see your posts. Facebook has been focusing on ensuring that the news feeds showcase content from family and friends rather than companies and brands. The one way to counter this shift is to pay Facebook to boost your posts.
  • When you boost your Facebook post, it will help guarantee that a larger number of people see the content. People apart from your subscribers will be able to see your posts. You have the flexibility to set demographic preferences while choosing which types of audiences will see your posts.
  • It’s easy to use and all you have to do is click on ‘Boost Post’ and the content will go live on the platform almost instantaneously. Facebook will review the post and it goes live once it’s been approved. This is a great way to ensure your content reaches wider audiences. What makes this feature even more appealing is that it can be used to boost all types of content including websites, links, images, videos and short messages too.
  • Once the post is live on Facebook, you can manage it too. For example, you can alter the time frame you have set to boost some other post in its place. You also get a comprehensive performance summary for all the posts you have boosted. This information can be viewed under the Insights tab when you click on ‘Posts’. This is where you would be able to see all the details of your posts including the ones that had been boosted. You will have access to information such as comments, reactions, shares, clicks, reach, etc. In addition, you have the opportunity to boost other posts as well.

Make Your Mark On Facebook

As of Q2 of 2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion (you read that right, BILLION) monthly active users which means the platform continues to remain one of the best ways to reach wider audiences. The Facebook Boost function helps businesses reach these audiences more effectively.

Social media marketing is a very effective tool but it needs to be used in a planned and consistent manner and a good digital marketing agency can help you do that. For information about our services, you can contact Your Social Strategy via our online form and we’ll reply within the next business day.

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