Most business owners tend to work on their social media marketing strategies in a vacuum of sorts. They focus largely on brand awareness, the overall number of followers they attract, as well as sales that they directly attribute to their social media campaigns.

But, there is another major benefit of developing & maintaining a solid social media presence that often goes unnoticed: Improved SEO! Take a look at how your social media presence helps improve your business and brand ranking in the search engines and how you can effectively capitalize on them.

  1. High-authority inbound links

Social networking platforms are some of the most popular sites on the Internet. The prominence of site-linking to your business website is one of the main factors that all search engines use when determining rankings.

For search engines, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc, with massive amounts of traffic become the most credible sources. This means, if you have a large number of links coming from these platforms to your site, it will significantly help drive up your online rankings. In order for this to happen:

  • Ensure you include links to your site from all the static information on your business’ social networking profiles, including the “about” and “page description”
  • Make sure that all posts contain links back to your site whenever possible.
  • It’s important to maintain a balanced approach and include posts without links, or else you risk appearing overly salesy or self-promotional.
  1. Extended search profiles on Google+

Google+” has the power to influence the search results on its own search engine more than any other. You can consider your Google+ profile to be the social layer of your business’ presence on Google, rather than just a separate social network. This enables Google to display an “extended search profile” for your company in the sidebar whenever your website shows in any search result. This makes a significant difference in the organic traffic you get from Google.

An extended search profile substantially increases the amount of screen space dedicated to your business, which in itself helps drive up clicks. This also allows you to effectively display engaging content rather than just a description and a blue hyperlink to your company website. This too will attract more traffic to your site via Google.

This extended search profile will display things like your business profile picture as well as any other images that you post to Google+, customer ratings & reviews. It will also show your latest status updates and the pictures of individuals that have your business added to their own circles. When viewers see that you have a massive following, which includes some of their own acquaintances, it provides social proof that they can add your business to their circles too.

It’s important to sync your social networking efforts with your SEO strategy so that the two can support each other and offer even greater results. For the best social networking services call Your Social Strategy today. You can contact us through our online form and we’ll reply within the next business day.