Nowadays, every business needs to have a well-designed website. However, it can be overwhelming to understand everything that goes into analyzing how your site is doing. Bounce rate allows you to understand if users are entering your website and leaving without consuming much of your content. Usually, a high bounce rate means that you need to improve your website for the user to have a better experience. Our team will discuss bounce rate further below.


What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page sessions on your website. This means that a person accessed your website through an entry page but did not visit any other pages on your website. Usually, the typical bounce rate can rate between 41 and 60 percent. The best bounce rate you can get is between 20 and 40 percent. However, if you have anything over 70 percent, you should consider improving your website, unless the page is designed to send the user to another website.


Reasons for a High Bounce Rate

If you have a higher-than-normal bounce rate, you might want to look into your website to see if you have any of the following issues:

Slow-to-Load Page can be a big problem for bounce rate. In Google’s ranking algorithm, one of the criteria is site speed. Therefore, the quicker to load your website is, the higher you will be in Google’s ranking and appear more in user’s searches. This is because Google understands that a slow website can be a bad experience for the user.

Self-Sufficient Content is anything that does not require users to browse through your website. This is usually the case for landing pages that only require filling a simple form, or content that is enough alone. In this case, your bounce rate will be higher, but on purpose. If you want to calculate if everything is okay, look at the time spent on page and average session duration analytics on Google. If the user is spending a couple of minutes on the page, it means you are reaching your goal.

A misleading title or Meta Description can lead to users opening your page and quickly leaving because it is not what they were looking for. Therefore, it is important to review your content with an appropriate title and meta description.

A bad Link from Another Site can occur if the referring site is sending the user to the wrong page. You can usually pinpoint this if you are getting a normal or low bounce rate from organic search results, but have a high bounce for referral traffic.

The affiliate Landing Page also allows you to have a higher bounce rate than average. Usually, an affiliate landing page’s main purpose is to send users to another website. Therefore, as long as you can get the user to click the button, or fill the form, your job is done.

Low-Quality Content can lead to users leaving your website quicker than normal. Therefore, it is important to create good quality content so that users feel like they are getting the information they need from you.

A bad User Experience is extremely detrimental to a website. If you have too many pop-ups, ads, or buttons, the user might become too overwhelmed and simply leave your website before giving you a chance. Additionally, it is important to optimize your website for mobile users. Your bounce rate can increase because users are not able to navigate it using their phones or tablets.


How to Improve Bounce Rate

There are some simple and useful tips to keep your bounce rate at an average. Here are some of them:

Healthy Mix of Evergreen & Trendy Content

When creating content for your website, make sure to include evergreen and trendy content. Evergreen content is anything that is not relevant after the hype is over. Additionally, make sure that your title and meta description reflect the content and catch the user’s attention. If you want to make your content more readable, try using short sentences, adding images, and spellchecking everything.

Important Things Go Above the Fold

Anything that you want the user to look at first should come before the user needs to scroll down the page. The first impression is what makes the user stay on your website, therefore it is important to make sure banners do not push your content down too far.

Clean Up the UX

A good user experience means that the user will be glad to continually access your website. Therefore, you should get rid of any elements that are repeated too often. It is very important to edit your website to make sure that it looks nice and is easy to navigate.


If you need to improve your website, our team of experts will be glad to help you. We focus on providing professional and quality service to your business. Additionally, we offer consultation services, SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertisement, review management, website development, traditional marketing, and much more. We want to achieve your goals and objectives, contact us for more information.

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