Social media review websites and an abundance of choices have made reviewers very vocal about what they like and dislike. If they’re dissatisfied with a product or service, social media or review sites become their outlet. As customers always research a product before making a purchase, negative reviews can have a big impact on businesses, and especially on their reputations.

Once a review or social media comment is published, it’s not easy to take it down. The only way to handle this situation is implementing countermeasures for improving your reputation again. Online reputation management agents can do that for you. Here are some reasons why they’re a worthwhile investment:

  1. Reviews have a big impact

Recent research suggests over 80% of customers have stopped trusting advertisements. They rely on information from third-party, word-of-mouth sources to make a purchase decision. Over 90% of prospective customers will read at least a couple of online reviews before buying a product.

Around 80% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. Even a single negative review can mean the loss of profits. This can make or break your brand because if negative reviews are more visible than positive ones, prospects won’t trust your brand.

  1. It does have an impact on your bottom line

If you have been on any social media platform, it’s easy to notice how a single video or tweet can go viral and bring a brand down. This doesn’t just harm the reputation or break a customers trust, it can bring down share value by a considerable margin. That can affect your investor’s profits. Recently the pop star Rihanna condemned the social media app company SnapChat for posting an ill-advised ad on domestic violence. That caused SnapChat’s stock value to plummet. That’s the power of social media.

  1. There’s a small window to bounce back from negative reviews

How you react has a big impact on reputation. For companies that react well, offering any assistance in their power to resolve complaints and making amends, the problem can be resolved. In fact, a good reaction will actually benefit your company’s reputation. Customers accept human error or mistakes, but they will not accept poor responses to complaints.

  1. Competitors benefit

Competitors benefit because customers are looking for alternative products or services. It’s not uncommon for rival businesses to take advantage of negative reviews by altering their marketing campaigns accordingly. This draws prospective customers away from your business, compromising profits.

Professional reputation management experts know the best techniques to improve a company’s reputation. They’ll first check if any review is deliberately inflammatory or violates Google regulations. In such situations, the cases can be reviewed and negative reviews that violate regulation can be removed.

If this isn’t an option, experts will help you assist the angry customer while encouraging satisfied people to post positive comments. No customer will trust a pristine reputation, as that can be an indication of foul play. They expect companies to make mistakes or get bad reviews. If good outweighs the bad, customers will trust a business and spend money on it.

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